Opportunities For Insight

This week I was reminded about looking deeper within. This came from three different classes I was teaching and invites opportunities off of the mat additionally.

We all have those moments when we become outwardly distracted by another persons action or behavior. It can become a source of irritation.

These are the moments we need to stop and observe as it’s offering an opportunity for insight.


Inner knowing

You know that moment just before you wake up and you hear voices? I’m hoping I’m not alone with hearing voices in my head! LOL

The other day just before I woke up I heard someone say, “Cancer, cancer, cancer”

I didn’t think much about it and did find it odd. Over the years spiritual teachers have told me to listen to these voices and you will find the truth coming out over the next few hours or days.

I went to teach one of my yoga classes.

Happy Full Moon

Happy Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Pisces all!

Last week while at Chapters my Mom and I purchased a new deck of cards. This set is from Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh called, “Talking to Heaven”.

As some of you may know my brother passed away last year. It has been such a challenging time for the family. We’ve experienced the deepest loss

Back to Basics

Hello there! I figured it was time to get back to basics and start blogging again. It’s been awhile. I used to blog over at blog.ca until they chose to close their site.
Since this is a day of renewal and releasing (9/9/9) I decided why not begin today? Even during a Mercury Retrograde… I’m dangerous like that! LOL