Back to Basics



Hello there!  I figured it was time to get back to basics and start blogging again.  It’s been awhile.  I used to blog over at until they chose to close their site.

Since this is a day of renewal and releasing (9/9/9) I  decided why not begin today?  Even during a Mercury Retrograde… I’m dangerous like that!  LOL

So many people have been having a hard time of it lately; myself included.  This is a time of planetary chaos.  I don’t know of anyone who isn’t going through some sort of chaotic challenge of late.

It’s important to remember that, “This too shall pass” as we move through the remainder of this Monkey Year.  2017 promises to be a much smoother ride.  Not to push away time though we must experience this shifting to make way for the new.

In January of this year I chose the words “follow your arrow” as symbolic.  What I’ve come to realize is that arrows do not fly through the air without having some type of force placed upon them.  Guess that was pretty legit considering what 2016 has brought.

Keep this in mind as you move forward yourself albeit with challenges.  Don’t work towards pushing them away; even if you feel the need to avoid them (or people) for some time.  Rather know you are being thrust ahead into a better future with higher vibration.

Until next time.

Keep shooting those arrows!

Love you



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