Inner knowing

You know that moment just before you wake up and you hear voices?  I’m hoping I’m not alone with hearing voices in my head!  LOL

The other day just before I woke up I heard someone say, “Cancer, cancer, cancer”

I didn’t think much about it and did find it odd.  Over the years spiritual teachers have told me to listen to these voices and you will find the truth coming out over the next few hours or days.

I went to teach one of my yoga classes.  One participant turned to the group and asked for everyone’s attention.  She then shared that one of the members had been diagnosed with cancer.  Followed by two others who said they know someone who is going through it as well.  There you go… cancer x 3

What is strange is the woman I know who was diagnosed I saw last in June of this year.  She looked great – her colour was good, she was always so happy to be in class; laughing and giggling throughout.

The story goes that she went to the cottage for the summer.  She told me she was going and was excited to do so.  She came home feeling poorly and found out she had stomach cancer.  She’s now in respite care waiting her passing.

It’s such a shame.  I feel so bad for the woman.  And hope she is free from suffering in her final weeks of her life’s journey.

It’s interesting that spirit finds this way to communicate with us.  And often you wonder why they do? I guess the best answer is to prepare you for what’s up and coming.

My husband says, “Why can’t you hear things like… money, money, money?”  LOL…funny guy.

You can’t control what you hear.  But you can listen and observe; sit back and watch what happens next.  And know you are hearing truth for a reason.

I do believe that is key.








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