Opportunities For Insight

This week I was reminded about looking deeper within.  This came from three different classes I was teaching and invites opportunities off of the mat additionally.

We all have those moments when we become outwardly distracted by another persons action or behavior.  It can become a source of irritation.

These are the moments we need to stop and observe as it’s offering an opportunity for insight.

When you find yourself in this space of distraction or irritation from another, rather than react …stop.

Ask yourself, “Why is this _______bothering me so?”

Now initial responses could be things like,

“They aren’t doing it right”

“I hate that sound”

“They are being so disrespectful”

If we sit and connect to the silent observer we may discover something deeper.  A key to our mental health…. an attachment.  Attachments can be the cause of much suffering.

As I mentioned this in jest to those I received this reminder from I had to stop and think about other situations off of the mat.

It’s funny (peculiar in a not kewl kind of way) as I observed my reaction to someone in my life who “isn’t doing it right”.  And there it was… my own attachment.  Wish I had seen it sooner, but obviously it wasn’t meant to be.  So now, rather than wish it would change, I observe.

Wishing you similar insights,



PS.  Here’s a great essay on attachment








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