A belief can stop us from moving ahead or keep us stuck where we are at.

“Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you are right” ~Henry Ford

Now before we sluff this off and say it’s cliche we really need to take responsibility for what it is we do believe.


Healing Prayers

If someone doesn’t believe in the power of prayer let me tell you I’m a believer after this past month. As I mentioned my friend was in ICU, on life support and we were sure she wouldn’t win the battle. Today she’s coming home!

She received so many healing prayers. Even people who didn’t know her, that only knew her friends, were sending healing thoughts her way.

Don’t take it personally

My original intention with this blog was to update every Friday. It was a good intention until last week happened.

My best friend was admitted to the ICU unit in Ottawa. She was admitted after having a flu for a week and went downhill really quickly; ending up in renal failure among many other things. She’s still in ICU today but thankfully is on the mend.