Don’t take it personally

My original intention with this blog was to update every Friday.  It was a good intention until last week happened.

My best friend was admitted to the ICU unit in Ottawa.  She was admitted after having a flu for a week and went downhill really quickly; ending up in renal failure among many other things.  She’s still in ICU today but thankfully is on the mend.

Doctors are still unsure of exactly what is wrong so blood work has been send to the Mayo Clinic and to Germany. Now we wait for results.  It feels like we are going at a snails pace, but from the hospital/medical communities perspective it’s probably moving along quickly.

The largest challenge (beyond the intensity of fear and worry) was to connect with her group of people.  Far gone are the days you can call 411 and find phone numbers for landlines.  It was scrounging around Facebook and trying to find everyone that needed to be in the know.  Gratefully there were many who connected &/or reconnected.

One of those I had contact with was very challenging.  They say we don’t grow when things are going smoothly, only when we are challenged.  I definitely have some past life issues with this one!  Every communication turned into a test of wills.  One message I received told me as her truth (and in no uncertain terms) I was heartless and inconsiderate. Interesting… those who know me best would never describe me in this way…obviously she doesn’t know me.  And fairly enough I don’t know her either.

This has been the blessing in all of it.  Each of us were shown our power in different ways. It’s really easy to pick a side and believe we are in the right.  Yet when we take a step back we are reminded it is all an illusion; not right nor wrong, it simply is… until it’s not.

So I breathe into the present moment and send Metta to my friend, myself and the other.

May you find yourself with the ability to see, sense and feel this moment and remember it is all an illusion anyway.  In the words of  Don Miguel Ruiz from The Four Agreements “Don’t take anything personally”.





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