A belief can stop us from moving ahead or keep us stuck where we are at.

“Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you are right” ~Henry Ford

Now before we sluff this off and say it’s cliche we really need to take responsibility for what it is we do believe.

One individual I spoke with this week has all of the knowledge to move forward and create the life of her dreams.  She simply doesn’t believe in herself.  Another is so full of lack consciousness that she is creating more lack.  Again, with no self confidence here so she will more than likely create more lack.

I will say I’m also a work in progress when it comes to certain belief systems.  But the truth is if we want peace, happiness, security we have to do the work.

When we are confronted with things that seem insurmountable we can cave or we can discover and inner spark of creativity to catapult us forward.

What is stopping you from moving ahead?  Not being facetious but it is you.  Let go of the past, whatever is holding you down and just begin.  My Dad has always said, “There’s no such thing as can’t.”

Here’s a great article/video from Success Coach Darren Hardy to help you shift your beliefs:

Here’s to creating the life you wish to live.





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