Welcome into the now

Over the past few years I’ve really struggled with staying present. The lessons were all over the map to do with my brother and his passing, my bff getting ill and well.. life overall.



Around 8:30pm a few weeks ago I was driving home from work and got stopped in front of the Sub shop on King St. For some reason as I watched the woman cleaning the counter inside I started thinking about the store being robbed. I didn’t give it much thought past that and made my way back home.

Troubling Times

What a week that was! The US election was a hot topic of conversation in almost every class. Clearly not only are Americans very much divided on the topic but also Canadians. I prepared myself to hear more about the new President elect as I walked in to teach one specific class. This group had already mentioned their dissatisfaction about Trump for the past several weeks so I figured I was going to get an earful when I arrived.

Act anyways

We can allow fear to hold us back or we can use the Nike motto and “Just do it”

This year I made a series of colouring books based on Totem animals. The books were intended to be silly, whimsical and fun. The reviews so far haven’t been very good. I worked really hard on getting these books completed; drawing, scanning, designing etc