Act anyways

We can allow fear to hold us back or we can use the Nike motto and “Just do it”

This year I made a series of colouring books based on Totem animals.  The books were intended to be silly, whimsical and fun.  The reviews so far haven’t been very good.  I worked really hard on getting these books completed; drawing, scanning, designing etc.

It’s too bad (so far anyhow) some people are not enjoying them. There is a “look inside” feature in all of the books so you can easily see what you are buying before purchase.  You can also hit the “surprise me” button and you will find other pages within the book.  You can do that several times to see even more of the product before you buy.

I still stand behind the work.  I think they are cute, adorable, in fact.  It’s not going to stop me from still moving ahead and working toward creating more.

If we let other’s opinions stop us, we’d never do anything.

So for the not so positive comments …thank you.  Thank you for putting more steam in my sails.  Thank you for reminding me to continue to believe in myself and my work.

It goes from one extreme to another really.  One of the meditation students this week said my classes are the only time all week she can actually relax.  Another said it’s the only thing that keeps them sane.  LOL… all I do is talk; but the power or meditation and yoga does change people’s lives and for that I too am grateful to have the ability to teach.

So this week I challenge you to do it too… and not let the negatives prevent you from doing what you love to do!

Much love,


PS. (***insert shameless self promotion**) If you think the colouring books are of interest go buy one!  For that I would be grateful.



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