Troubling Times

What a week that was!  The US election was a hot topic of conversation in almost every class.  Clearly not only are Americans very much divided on the topic but also Canadians.  I prepared myself to hear more about the new President elect as I walked in to teach one class. This group had already mentioned their dissatisfaction with Trump for the past several weeks so I figured I was going to get an earful.

That wasn’t the case.  Instead another hot button came up albeit those talking had no clue.  To offer a fast, one sentence “doesn’t even come close to the actual trauma experienced” back story….19 years ago this past week my best friend had a baby girl who died 2 days after birth because her neck was broken during childbirth  (…told you it was traumatic).  A few were discussing birthing and Sick Kids hospital.  One spoke about wearing blinders when they entered the baby ward so they didn’t have to see the ill or dying babies.

It took a lot to not loose it.  To hold sacred internal space and not revisit the pain.  How could they have known it was the anniversary of such great loss?  At that moment I thought… can we talk politics again?   At least that was a topic I was prepared for.

Facing troubling times is part of our human experience.

My hope is, in time, we find peace.  As Deepak Chopra mentioned this week on a Facebook live feed, “Darkness cannot get more dark”.  How true…


PS.  I’ll leave you with a YouTube Video featuring Leonard Cohen with another reminder… “There’s a crack in everything… that’s how the light gets in.”  May he RIP.


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