Messages from heaven

This week I’ve been speaking to my brother alot.  I have a few things I wish he was here to help me with.  As that is not an option, I’ve been asking for his help & advice from the other side.

I had a vivid dream in which he offered me some answers… some of them I remember, others not so much however he was talking to me in the dream the entire night.  I love when he visits me in dreams.

Then this happened…

I was driving to get something and saw this….


He always called himself “Bro” or “Broman” when speaking to me.  And he told me he loved me alot.  My brother was a Master Mechanic for Ford so it didn’t surprise me that he made sure the vehicle was one so I would pay attention to it.

The same day I received other messages from him as well.  It was so amazing & I’m very grateful for all of them.

My Dad says he wishes my brother would speak with him as well.  Here’s the thing… if we are not paying particular attention we miss the signs.  The other side is always trying to communicate with us.  Yet you have to be awake and aware to see, sense or feel them.  I know each of the signs that came through for me could of easily been missed – but on this day I noticed them and knew what they were all about.

I hope this week finds you with similar knowing particularly those of you who are struggling with grief or needing to hear from the other side.  May this week find you similarly connected.






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