Received notification this past week that our Cancer Support Center is closing. I’ve been teaching yoga & meditation for this community for the past 8 years. It is such a great loss for our city & those who are on the Cancer journey.


Expanding, Contracting

I was speaking with a Reiki client last night about how sometimes our energies can sometimes get so scattered or seemingly so.

We have those moments when we are so busy we hardly know which way is up. Some of us are simply busy being busy all the time. We have deadlines, projects etc., and as a small business owner

In this moment

I attended a yoga class with Senior Kripalu teacher, Stephen Cope, years ago. He introduced these concepts that I still teach to this day….

Easy does it

In classes this week and next we are discussing Sukha.

Sukha in Sanskrit means ease,happiness, pleasure, ease, or bliss.

Where can you find a sense of ease in this moment?