In this moment

I attended a yoga class with Senior Kripalu teacher, Stephen Cope, years ago.  He introduced these concepts that I still teach to this day….





Whether in this moment or when you find yourself on the mat apply these ideas….

Breathe… obvious I know, but so many people have forgotten how to.  I see it all the time in classes.  People breathing through their mouths or forgetting to allow the breath into those closed up spaces where they haven’t allowed the breath to enter into for years.

Relax… encourage the entire system to release into this moment and relax internally.

Feel… what sensations are arising now?  This can show up as tension, pain, warmth, coolness… what is true in this moment?

Allow… without judgement offer space to whatever is showing up for you here.  Not trying to let release or wish it to change but experiencing this…. whatever ‘this’ is….

And finally remembering that everything is already OK… on some level anyhow.

May you find yourself in this space more often than not.







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