Expanding, Contracting

I was speaking with a Reiki client last night about how sometimes our energies can sometimes get so scattered or seemingly so.

We have those moments when we are so busy we hardly know which way is up.  Some of us are simply busy being busy all the time.  We have deadlines, projects etc., and as a small business owner you put your energy into working towards creating new things to generate income.

It can seem like we are all over the map and nothing is coherent as we put our energies into new ventures.

Other times we pull back and sit with our experience to ‘watch what happens next’.

It got me thinking about expansion and contraction.

Right now we are watching cities do the same thing.  Rather than urban sprawl we are currently seeing cities contract and grow upwards.  So many new developments of high rises springing upwards into the sky.

I was sitting at the desk this morning all slumped over this computer screen and had to remind myself to sit up straight… again, expansion, contraction.

Then I got it… the earth, it’s inhabitants, the body, the breath…all expanding, contracting.

Whether you are in an expansive state or currently contracting allow yourself to be with it remembering that it will shift, it will change.




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