Getting the run around

I seriously have to wonder how well Sophie, my White Russian, knows how to tell time. Every night she tucks me into bed. Then minutes before the alarm goes off every morning she wakes me up. Sometimes it’s in a nice way, other times she pounces on my belly to announce her arrival.


Spirit Animal Messages

I’m always on the look out for messages from spirit. Some will think that’s weird and if you are one of those stop reading now. LOL…

This week I was talking to my husband about my brother (who transitioned March 13, 2015) telling him a story about how we used to drive down a particular road at high speeds. After I was done I saw a shooting star! It was very low in the sky… the lowest I’d ever seen in fact. It was incredible and felt like Dave

What a week

Between the Pepsi fiscal, United Airlines, Sean Spicer, Syria, CBS’s Survivor it’s been quite a week. And I’m probably missing a few things. I think one thing we’re learning in this ‘new age’ is the power of social media.

The movement’s are important for change. We can have a voice as a collective and it seems “be the change we wish to see”.

Now if we could only do as much with our personal relationships. We can’t force change in interpersonal relationships even if we’d like to.

Retrograde Planets

April brings four planets in retrograde. Those of you who love astrology and study the planets probably are aware of this. For everyone else when a planet is in retrograde it is said to be moving backwards.

Currently, or very soon anyhow,