Spirit Animal Messages

I’m always on the look out for messages from spirit.  Some will think that’s weird and if you are one of those stop reading now.  LOL…

This week I was talking to my husband about my brother (who transitioned March 13, 2015) telling him a story about how we used to drive down a particular road at high speeds.  After I was done I saw a shooting star!  It was very low in the sky… the lowest I’d ever seen in fact.  It was incredible and felt like Dave was still near.

This past week I saw a Monarch butterfly in the backyard.  I haven’t seen a Monarch in years.  They truly are so precious.

Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoor

This one is a wikipedia photo… I didn’t have my camera ready for it.  The butterfly signals transformation and change.

This morning when I got up I looked outside to the roof and saw these two…IMG_20170421_075705

By the time I got the camera they had moved over here onto our garage.  Of course I had to look up the spiritual meaning of ducks.  It says, “Be in the now, be in the moment, for this is where all of the power is available to you…be at peace and let it be” more here

Messages truly are everywhere if we take the time to slow down and see them.

One of my students, during meditation, saw a bald eagle.  His message is definitely powerful… ” The eagle bestows freedom and courage to look ahead”

May you find similar messages surrounding you this week.



PS.  This is another reason I designed my Totem Animal coloring books.  Go have a look & buy one today!  Thanks in advance.



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