Changing lives

I overheard some students talking after class yesterday. One of them said, “This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Now i can get through another week”

I’m so grateful for those who show up each week, with mats in hand, to practice yoga with me. They sometimes come stressed and worried, other times joy-filled; depending on the week. And they take the hour to breath, to relax, to work hard.


Where did that time go?

One would think after having a cold for 85 days (of what some called the 100 day cold) this past winter my immune system would be super strong. Then Spring arrived. So did the allergies.

I haven’t had trouble with allergies for years. I went through many AET (allergy elimination technique) sessions which reverses sensitivities. I can’t explain how it works but I do know it did. I was allergic to outside

Love The Mat

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