Happy 150th Birthday Canada

Happy Birthday Canada!



Finally summer has arrived, but so far the rain hasn’t stopped.  Let’s hope the entire summer won’t be a wash out.  

I live in a wooden century home which needs to be painted.  We didn’t get to it last year because of construction across the road.  There was so much dust & debris from the construction we weren’t able to get close to the job.  And so far this year the weather is stopping us from getting to it as well; either too wet or too humid. 

Happy Father’s Day weekend

A fast shout out to all the amazing father’s in the world!

May you be blessed with an extraordinary year filled with those you love & enjoy, health and wellness!

And just because it’s Friday here’s a flashback for you of my Dad and I from 2016…it is a little blurry, but we were on a bus at the time…


This may sound crazy but I think my blue jay came back today!  There was a blue jay born in the backyard and came to sit near me on the back patio.   Here he is in the tree…

White light

So it seems I shouldn’t wear white after Victoria Day. And yesterday I learnt I should look in the mirror more often. After I got home from teaching I went to put my hair up and when I finally did look into the mirror saw I had spilled my morning coffee all over my white shirt!