Spirit Animal Messages

I’m always on the look out for messages from spirit. Some will think that’s weird and if you are one of those stop reading now. LOL…

This week I was talking to my husband about my brother (who transitioned March 13, 2015) telling him a story about how we used to drive down a particular road at high speeds. After I was done I saw a shooting star! It was very low in the sky… the lowest I’d ever seen in fact. It was incredible and felt like Dave

What a week

Between the Pepsi fiscal, United Airlines, Sean Spicer, Syria, CBS’s Survivor it’s been quite a week. And I’m probably missing a few things. I think one thing we’re learning in this ‘new age’ is the power of social media.

The movement’s are important for change. We can have a voice as a collective and it seems “be the change we wish to see”.

Now if we could only do as much with our personal relationships. We can’t force change in interpersonal relationships even if we’d like to.

Retrograde Planets

April brings four planets in retrograde. Those of you who love astrology and study the planets probably are aware of this. For everyone else when a planet is in retrograde it is said to be moving backwards.

Currently, or very soon anyhow,

Life is Precious

Sadly one of the students who has attended my Yoga classes for the Cancer journey lost her battle. It’s so saddening. This woman gave it a good fight and her gentle energies will definitely be missed by myself and the other participants.

Another reminder of just how precious life is.

This week I saw a short clip on Tao

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days where everything feels like it’s going wrong? I had one of those on Monday.. well, the morning anyhow. My bedside alarm wasn’t set for daylight saving time which meant I woke up one hour late. And I received a text message which I thought was real, but turned out was a dream. I spent that extra hour of sleep trying to figure out how to respond without rudeness or ego.

Yoga Real Estate

I had a teacher once that moved his yoga mat to a different location for every class. It always kept the students on their toes and made them explore their attachments to their yoga space.

I find it interesting how much we are creatures of habit. How we move into our classes and place our mats in the exact same spot each week. And the looks on students faces when someone is in ‘their spot’ as if it’s going to change their experience. I have even experienced some students tell others, “You can’t go there that’s so-and-so’s place”.

Embracing this moment

Sadly we had a death in the family this week. It was my Grandmother’s brother. The loss of my Great Uncle means there is no longer anyone living from that generation. All of my Great Aunt’s & Uncles on both sides of the family are gone. That is so hard to get my mind around. (Or maybe it’s the fact I’m growing closer to 50 that is hitting me harder.)

Mountain Meditation

We did this meditation this week in class it’s written by Jon Kabat-Zinn. This is a classic guided meditation practice below is read by Shane Wilson at the Meditation Learning Center. It’s a keeper!

Opening the heart

Keeping with the theme of Valentine’s Day (Happy Belated heart day) we worked this past week on opening the heart.

We reviewed the Heart Chakra (Anahata) the energy center that surrounds the physical heart. The mantra or ‘bij sound’ for the heart center is “Yam” (pronounced ‘yum’) and silently chanted with movement.

Healing ideas

So I’ve have this dang cold since the week before Christmas. I was wiped out last Thursday by it again. I thought it was gone, albeit a cough remained, but then it came back with a vengeance. **disclaimer: yes I’m whining**

I took Monday off of work but by Tuesday decided to get back at it. One of my students is in nurse and she was saying there is a “100 day cold” going around….insert looking at the ceiling.


Received notification this past week that our Cancer Support Center is closing. I’ve been teaching yoga & meditation for this community for the past 8 years. It is such a great loss for our city & those who are on the Cancer journey.

Expanding, Contracting

I was speaking with a Reiki client last night about how sometimes our energies can sometimes get so scattered or seemingly so.

We have those moments when we are so busy we hardly know which way is up. Some of us are simply busy being busy all the time. We have deadlines, projects etc., and as a small business owner