Feet and the truth

I had a woman come up to me this week who said, “I doubt you can help me with this but I thought I’d ask you….everytime I walk my calf muscles get so sore!  I’ve been to the doctor and physio and nothing is helping me.”

I asked how old her shoes were – explaining that even a shoe that is 6 months old can be so worn on the interior they need replacing. (As I looked down at my own and realized that yeah I need new shoes too!)



Lets talk Lupini beans!

I’ve never had them before and read on one of my Italian friends facebook page about how good they are.  

So as I was strolling though the grocery store and saw them thought “sure I’ll try them”.

Never to disappoint all I can say is I’m so doing this again!!!

Content to be back at it

Monday finds the Fall session beginning.  Although I enjoy being on holiday I equally enjoy being back to teaching.  I just got this wonderful message from a student:

“You have been missed, though!  I am all signed up for the new session.  You have made such a huge difference in my life.  Thank you”

Time to ride the breathe

What a crazy end to the summer watching our neighbours to the south go through so many weather related challenges.  We’ve been sending our thoughts and prayers to everyone effected by these experiences.  And being Sept. 11th, we remember and honour those who have lost their lives.

Cyber Cleanse

Have a great rest of the month!

Enjoy the moment


Unexpected Meltdown

I do believe when we transition to the other side we stay close to our loved ones. I’ve had many experiences since the passing of my brother in 2015 to confirm this for me.

Mercury Shadow

Mercury – that little planet that effects communications in all types.  When he goes retrograde it means he is moving backwards in the sky.  It is said it will effect all forms of communications, contracts and negotiation.  Many things have to be reworked or redone or revisited during retrograde times.  Breakdowns and misunderstandings are the theme.

Brain Gym

My husband came home perplexed after someone said…

What has 4 letters, sometimes has 9 letters and never has 5 letters.

He asked me “What is the answer?  The guy who said it wouldn’t tell me.”


I found it so funny this week when my hubby came home from work and mentioned he received a text message saying, “OMW”.  He said, “What the heck does that mean?”

I guess there were 8 others in the room 50 years young and none of them could figure it out.  I said, “That means on my may”.  He said, “How do you know that?  And why wouldn’t she just have said that in the first place!”

I told him he should have asked her.  He said, “No way.


Finally summer has arrived, but so far the rain hasn’t stopped.  Let’s hope the entire summer won’t be a wash out.  

I live in a wooden century home which needs to be painted.  We didn’t get to it last year because of construction across the road.  There was so much dust & debris from the construction we weren’t able to get close to the job.  And so far this year the weather is stopping us from getting to it as well; either too wet or too humid. 

Happy Father’s Day weekend

A fast shout out to all the amazing father’s in the world!

May you be blessed with an extraordinary year filled with those you love & enjoy, health and wellness!

And just because it’s Friday here’s a flashback for you of my Dad and I from 2016…it is a little blurry, but we were on a bus at the time…